The night of the Siurells 1997
Elena Serra, Director of Audiovisual Media at the Serra Group, awards me the Golden Antenna from Antena 3 TV, Mallorca.
Moment when my mother, sister and myself entered the Palladium Casino in Palma on the night of the Siurells 1997.

Me, in Mexico
Here I am standing in the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico
Truth is the slopes are steep to climb, I didn’t tire at all, NOT
Here I am trying on a Mexican hat. The truth is they weigh a ton and are really uncomfortable. I look completely out in this photo but the truth is I was scared.

On the Beach
Here I am with my little brother, Sebas and my sister, Angela making sandcastles on the beach. I suppose we must have been bored.
Look at me here, what a jerk. I am eating fries after bathing and really happy.
Here again trying to get the water out of my wet suit. No way, I just got mad.

My pets
Here you have my cat sleeping. She’s snow colored and very cute with lots of fur which gave my mother a heart attack when she first saw her.
Here is my dog who is a little fatty and who you only have touch for him to roll over to have his belly rubbed.

Doing the Masters in Microsoft (summer in Madrid)
Here I am showing the book of Visual Basic from which I was studying to the camera.

Here I am bathing in the Lafora Vila pool and I was having a great time. This photo is a very old one.
Here I am again one of the seven dwarfs. Not that I was small, with my sister.
How about 2000?
Riding my bike. It was a great day and I hardly fell at all.
Here I am with my sister in Baqueira Beret.
My 15th birthday. My sister helped me to blow out the candles.
On the same day, I had a party with the older employees of the company.
Here I am resting a while with my mother.
Recently arrived at port Aventura I am with my brother, my sister and her boyfriend.
Wheeeey! All the family noone wanted to be kept out of the photo.
Here I am with Alicia Rosas (TV Personality).
Seeing this photo it is easy to guess my interest in Mobile phones, especially Nokia
In the park with the Dinosaur…. Which was pretty frightening!.

Meeting with businessmen in Las Palmas and Tenerife
Business lunch in Tenerife.
Presenting an investment Fund with Renta 4 in Las Palmas.
With Adan Martin Vice-President of the Govenrment of the Canary islands, Juan Carlos Ureta Renta 4 y Paco Torre Renta 4 Canary Islands.
Making my presentation to Canary businessmen.
With the President of the Canary Island business Federation.

At the World Quality Commitment Award
Here I am recieving the empresarial quality award.

On my trip to Silicon Valley
Here, sitting on the Yahoo! logo, just in front of their building.
Next to the Oracle letters.
With Jeremy Allison, from the Samba Linux group.
Jeremy, proudly showing his Samba snack.
With Larry M. Augustin, VA Linux president from.
And the rest of the VA Linux Team.
Next to Sun Microsystems product directives.
Here, next to one of the new E 10000 posters, from Sun Microsystems.
Having a walk through the Sun Microsystems complex.
At the Compaq entrance.